Telecommunication Standards

Introduction to Principles of Telecommunications Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Whether projects are as simple as individual “adds, moves and changes” or as complicated as an entirely new Student Housing Neighborhood, the ITS Telecommunications group has been charged with assuring that the IT and Telecommunications infrastructure that is purchased and installed for Campus use is provided in a manner that delivers to the University real, long-term, cost-effective value.  By establishing and memorializing the Cal Poly Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards in a succinct and complete document, we are able to provide clarity to University Personnel, Architects, Contractors, Project Managers and Inspectors as to the work product expected and required to meet the University’s need for complete, flexible and supportable infrastructure in an ever-changing technological environment.  The specific nature of the document is purposeful and in response to the increasing size and complexity of the Campus Telecommunications Infrastructure. It establishes all telecommunications infrastructure requirements in a way that can be serviced and updated, by a small group of highly trained individuals, at minimum cost to the University.

Telecommunications has attempted to deal with every aspect of the campus telecommunications infrastructure in a sustainable manner.  From the one-time efforts of design, construction and commissioning, to the multi-decade efforts of maintenance, support and modernization, the decisions memorialized in this document reflect a best value philosophy sculpted by many qualified individuals, representing decades of experience, who have been entrusted by Cal Poly to make the best choice decisions.

Technology infrastructure is dynamic and changes with discoveries. If it is determined that new, better solutions are available we will make the appropriate changes to incorporate the new concepts or practices.  As Cal Poly ITS Telecommunications is responsible for maintaining the best practices regarding the University’s telecommunications infrastructure, Cal Poly ITS Telecommunications must be the final arbiters of what is appropriate and supportable.

Donald Weegar, RCDD, Supervisor
ITS Telecomm Group

Mark Hornbeck
ITS Telecomm Group

Roger Volk
ITS Telecomm Group