Telecommunications Student Assistant Guidelines

As a student assistant working in the Telecommunications department you are expected to read and understand the following. Your supervisor will ask you to sign and date a document when this review is complete.

  • Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures
    • Any accident in a vehicle being driven on University business must be reported as soon as possible or within 24 hours to Risk Management, (805)756-6755. Nights, weekends, and holidays report to University Police, (805) 756-2281. The student should notify their supervisor immediately, and the supervisor notify the director and OCIO.
    • The Report of Vechicle Accident Form (STD 270) must be completed and filed by the driver with Risk Management within 48 hours of the accident.
    • The Supervisor’s Report of State Vehicle Accident Form (STD 274) must be completed by the driver’s immediate supervisor and filed with Risk Management within 5 days of the accident.
  • Student Payroll Information
  • Information about working as a student assistant at Cal Poly including payroll calendars and pay dates, direct deposit and how to enter time may be found on the Student Assistant - Information page.